An Unconventional Method


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    Erich Kelb says

    I have personally been to many churches in the Greater Daytona Beach area, and you Tom LaHue are an amazing Senior Pastor right away from the very parking lot of your church I and my Family were 100% felt the belonging here it was so beautiful you and your congregation totally made my Easter Sunday so very special! Your sermon sir spoke right to me, in fact about me I have not felt so emotionally involved in a very long time when it came to most local churches and their leaders but here this church I felt like you are my Family pure love enveloped me and the word from which you spoke touched my heart and my very soul. You talked to me after church I felt a little nervous at first I’ve talked with many pastors in the past after church but you made me feel special and needed there and I thank you for that Tom LaHue my Family have been going through many challenged and tribulations lately and my niece Bri she’s really needs your churches guidance along with all my Family we spoke with your Youth Pastor after church also he was also so very pleasant and spoke with such widow and devout Christian love I really look forward to becoming a member of your church I feel extremely passionate about giving the love you gave to I and my Family back to all of you thank you again for such a beautiful and caring love you amazing me God Bless you!! With all my Love, Erich Kelb

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