My name is Ann Marie Bove,  I moved to Florida a little over 2 years ago because I felt that the Lord was telling me to do so.  It was difficult to leave my family but inside I knew I needed to obey the Lord.   I knew deep in my heart that He had something He wanted me to be here for and the Stephen Ministry was his plan for me.  
I have been a Christian for going on 42 years.  It has been the most wonderful 42 years of my life walking with the Lord.  All of life’s lessons that He brought me and my late husband through were used to grow my faith in Him and his call on my life.  We can’t learn to trust Him and really let Him lead us if we don’t grow in our faith.  
The Stephen Ministry is a wonderful way for us to walk beside others as they to go through life challenges.  Our own life challenges and the classes we have taken have prepared our heart’s and minds, and desire to let the Lord work through us to help people face their challenges  so they to can grow in their faith and find the peace and joy the Lord gives us regardless of our problems if we let Him.  The result being more people learning to trust and rely on the Lord  in all things which allows more people to comfort others as the bible teaches.
Our Stephen Ministry leaders have poured out their hearts and experiences along with our class books to prepare us for this opportunity to be there for those that need us.  They did a great job and will continue to do that for more students called to serve this way.
I look forward to this ministry and those I will get to serve.  Jesus is the heart and center of this and I am all in.  I hope this testimony will inspire others to take the classes too.