What is Creation Apologetics?

Creation Apologetics is the idea that a Christian worldview rests on accuracy of the biblical account of God’s creation as described in the book of Genesis.  It argues that as the Creator of all things, only God has the ability and right to mandate what is right and wrong for our lives and for society.  Because of Adam and Eve’s rebellion in the Garden, all of creation is now marred and vandalized by sin.  The reason we see pain and death in our world is because the original, perfect creation has been ruined by sin.  God in His mercy, has sent His Son Jesus into this world to take the penalty and punishment for our sin at the cross and now offers eternal life to all who will put their faith and trust in His finished work on the cross.  One day God will renew this original creation and make all things new.

Can You Defend What You Believe?

Is the earth 5-10 thousand years old?  Or is it millions/billions of years old?

Did God use evolution to create man?  Has science proved that the Bible is unreliable?

What evidence is there for a global flood as described in the Bible?


Articles & PDF

Understand why this generation is becoming increasingly hostile to the Christian message and why the old approaches are not working.  Gone In Only One Generation, Ken Ham

Polls show that the twenty-somethings sitting next to you in church may not embrace your faith.  Can we prevent losing another generation from the Christian faith?  How To Prevent Losing Another Generation, Ken Ham 

The reports are in.  The generation that reached adulthood after the turn of the century is turning away from organized religion.  They reject labels and absolutes.  What My Generation Needs, Andrew Fabich, AIG

Why I’m a Man of Science-and Faith.  Francis S. Collins, a physician and the geneticist behind the Human Genome Project, is the director of the National Institutes of Health.  National Geographic Magazine Article

How can Christians be so sure of what is “right” and “wrong?”  Isn’t it just a question of different opinions? Why Believe In Truth? Max Anders

How we determine “Truth” determines everything else.  Does Man decide what Truth is or does God?  Soil, Trees, and Their Fruit: Why Creation Matters, Gary Bates 

10 Basics that every creationist must know to boldly proclaim a Biblical worldview.10 Basics, AIG

The 10 best evidences from science that confirm that the earth is young.  10 Best Evidences, AIG

Creationists and Evolutionists actually agree about many facts.  This article provides many great starting points for discussion between Creationists and Evolutionists.  Surprising Similarities, John Upchurch

It is commonly thought that people cannot be real scientists and believe the Bible at the same time, However, accomplished scientists who are also dedicated Christians, like Dr. John Cimbala, continue to prove this idea false.  Mechanical Engineer On Creation, from Creation Magazine.

Three puzzles that evolution can’t solve.  Three Puzzles, AIG

Unfossilized Dinosaur Bones Found: New Dinosaur Species Bones Found.  Hadrosaur Bone Discovery Creation Magazine

Free Online Apologetics Training

Free Courses from Covenant Seminary including Apologetics courses

Apologetics and Evangelism Free Course from The Master’s Seminary

Defenders Podcast: William Lane Craig, Theology and Apologetics Training

Christian Essentials: Wayne Grudem, Theology and Apologetics Training

Introduction to Christian Apologetics: Dr. Ronald Nash, Reformed Theological Seminary

BiblicalTraining.org, Various Biblical Courses Including Apologetics Courses

The Institute of Theological Studies Courses on a wide variety of topics that have been used by seminaries and bible colleges for years.  These are now available at Our Daily Bread for free or to earn a certificate.


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