We believe serving in the church is both a privilege and an act of worship. Through serving, we are able to fellowship with our church family, grow spiritually, and help others connect to Jesus and one another.

Our church is named after our community.  We are located in the city of Port Orange, FL.  We love our community and are committed to making a difference right here in our local area.  Yes, we have foreign missions.  Yes, we send teams out each year to various parts of the world.  But the majority of our work and impact is made right here in our local community.  We think of ourselves as missionaries right here in the Port Orange area.

Please look at the bottom of this page for a list of our current Ministry Team Leaders.


Our church wants to “bloom where we are planted.”  We partner with area schools, businesses, shelters and ministries to come along side families in our community to offer a helping hand.  We hope that by serving others, God will give us opportunities to share what He has done in our lives.

We believe that since God has done so much for us, we are obligated to give back and serve any way that we can.  That service does not have to be in big ways that everyone knows about.  More often than not, we find small opportunities to share and lift others up and brighten their day.

You can expect to be challenged to find a place of service along side of other believers to make an impact right here in our local community.  There is a project or ministry for everyone.


Volunteer/Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved at Port Orange. Here are a few serving opportunities:

First Impressions

First impressions are often lasting. We need friendly faces and helpful hands on the front line to represent POCC and the body of Christ to our guests.  Making people feel welcome is an act of love.  If you have the gift of hospitality, you may just find a place on our First Impressions Team.  It is more than just coffee and donuts.


Prayer Team

Before we reach out to minister to others, we need to reach up.  We cannot hope to make a difference in our community if we try to do everything in our own strength.  Our Prayer Ministry makes sure that we, as a congregation, stay connected to God.  We don’t want to just work “for” God, we want to work “with” God.


Youth and Children’s Ministry

We believe pouring into our next generation is one of the most important things. We are called to raise our children in the faith. Our youth and children’s ministry is focused toward preparing children for real life spiritual decisions. They face so many conflicts while growing up. Everything from identity to what college to go to is a challenging decision for our next generation.

We look to include volunteers that are willing to love students and teach the Bible. As volunteers, you don’t need to have all the answers, being an ear, outlet, caring person, and more to a student is enough. Learn more about our youth and children’s program here.

If you’re interested in volunteering in our youth and/or children’s ministry, you can contact our office by email here.

Worship Team

Do you have a passion for leading others in worship?  Are you a gifted musician?  There are many ways to get involved in the Worship Ministry.  Audio/Video, lights, computers, sound tech, drama, etc…  There are opportunities for those who are comfortable in front of people, and for those who would rather work behind the scenes.


Community Outreach

We believe that it is our responsibility to share the love of Christ with our community.  Our hope is to be a light, pointing people to God’s love and grace.  Our Outreach Ministry reaches out to the homeless, and to those in transition in our own community.

Grow & Serve Class.031


Our Missions team organizes mission trips and helps our church stay connected to the missionaries we support.  Do you have a passion to see people all around the world hear and believe the truth of God’s Word?  Are you concerned about the global church?


Care “Stephen” Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a one-on-one care ministry, where in trained lay persons meet with people, congregational or community, who need a person to listen to them as they work their way through various issues.  It is based upon the life of Saint Stephen who appears in Acts 6, as one of the followers to help make sure that food was fairly distributed.  These needs can be numerous, loss of a spouse, loss of employment, spiritual, or, possibly physical.  The good Stephen Minister is there to listen and support the individual in need during their times of trouble.  They give them a sounding board that does not try to fix the problem, but helps that care receiver come to their own understanding of how to help themselves.  Sometimes the minister might offer suggestions about books or scripture to read but that is not the primary focus.  They are there to be a friend in a time of need.

Building & Grounds

Let’s face it.  Someone has to make sure that everything looks nice and is in working condition.  Do you have a “green” thumb?  Or do you have a knack for little construction projects.  There is always something that needs to be repaired or replaced.  We would love to have you join our building and grounds team.

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Ministry Team Leaders:
** To contact or leave a message for anyone on the list below, please send an email to info@portorangechristian.org or call the church office at (386) 322-9811.

12 Step Program

Warren Piechowski

Bridge of Hope
Ken Crooks

Cold Weather Shelter
Ken Crooks

Emergency Food Needs
JoBeth Palmer

Funeral Meals/Celebration Meals
Karen Crooks

Palmetto House
Gina Clark

PB&J Ministry
Reba Johnson & Dallas Proax

Prayer Ministry
Brenda Reed – nreedapr@aol.com

Quilting Divas
Sandy Norton

Scrapbooking & Cardmaking
Faith Bordine

Stephen Ministry
Dave Elmquist

Thanksgiving Day Outreach
Gina Clark