My name is Lyssa Baca, and I decided to become a Stephen Minister because I have had the heart to help people since I was a child. Throughout my life, I have had people that I know well and people I do not know well tell me things that they would not normally tell others. I never ask them why are they telling me? I just listen. They have always said “I feel like I can talk to you” and “You’re so easy to talk to.” That is always a comfort knowing that people I do not even know very well will confide in me to listen to whatever is eating away at them on the inside.

God gave me the gift of Empathy. I used to think of it as a curse because when you do have a huge amount of empathy and compassion, it is very easy to get wrapped up in other people’s feelings whether good or bad. It is almost like their emotions jump onto me and it has been very difficult to build a wall to protect myself. Since becoming a Christian, I now look at my empathy as a gift. I have always loved listening to what others have to say and with the guidance of God, help them the best that I can. To have the opportunity to serve as a Stephen Minister is a great honor and blessing.  I am so excited to be able to use the talents that God has provided to me to be able to guide others through their storms. There is never a problem too small.