The Shepherd’s Hope Ministry

What is the Shepherd’s Hope Ministry?  It can be summarized as Hope = Willpower + Knowledge.  In this case, our Faith in Jesus, the Good Shepherd,  forms our Hope for our future and for our healing. And, willpower is the willingness to commit not only our minds to changing ourselves, but making the commitment in our heart to change as well. Or, as C.S. Lewis put it, “Before we can be cured we must want to be cured.  Those who really wish for help will get it; but for many modern people even the wish is difficult.” Added to this is, knowledge, which is not only what we have learned from life, but also the tools that others give us that allow us to effect change in our lives.

The Shepherd’s Hope Ministry is composed of two different training levels that will allow  a church member to choose what level of involvement they feel comfortable with, while not limiting them in the future.  You can choose to become either a:

Lay Ministry Associate


Lay Ministry Counselor

While you might choose, initially, to become a Lay Ministry Associate, you can in the future take the followup course and become a Lay Ministry Counselor if you feel so led in the future.

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