Shepherd’s Hope Service Ministries

The core of Shepherd’s Hope addresses long term needs for people, both within and outside of our church.  But, sometimes situations arise that can been short-term and immediate.  A person undergoing surgery might need a meal for a night or two.  A family suffering the loss of a loved one might require meals for up to two weeks.  Let us not forget the need to feed people after a funeral service.  Of course, there can be other emergencies as well that require this service.  But, what of other needs?

A Condolence/Card ministry can let people know that we, as a church, care about them.  What form might this ministry take?  In the case of a death in the family, we would send out a condolence card so that the family would know that we care and love them.  But, is this the only time?  What about the birth of a newborn, would we not want to welcome this child into our family and let the little one’s family know we are thinking about them.  Much the same applies to all our members if we take the time to remember their birthdays and possibly other special occasions.

Other ministries that fall under this short-term umbrella are;


Inspirations Ministry

Newborn Ministry

People to People

Quilting Divas

Scrap N’ Chat Scrapbooking Ministry

Cards from the Heart Ministry

Clothing Bank

Some of these are long-term goals, but necessary for the church to reach as many as possible.

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