My name is Tammy Martich and I just completed my Stephen Ministry training and am looking forward to serving others through this exceptional ministry.
I have always believed that as a Christian, it’s important to follow Christ in serving others. To not only love and grow in the knowledge of my Lord and Savior, but to learn to serve as He did.
God gave me the desire to help people, and as an Assistant in Physical Therapy, I have the opportunity to do that on a regular basis. But I also want to serve others within my church family.
Stephen Ministry has opened up such an opportunity within our local church body, to serve those that are hurting Spiritually, Emotionally or Physically. This ministry provides a way to truly be used as an extension of the healing ministry of Christ, and I am so humbled and honored to be a part of this awesome ministry.
The Stephen Ministry Leaders have been absolutely selfless in their teaching, guidance and encouragement in helping us to become Stephen Ministers. With God’s leading and their gift of knowledge and caring, it’s an opportunity for those that feel led to help others, serve in a very special way!
I pray that God will continue to direct my steps as I begin to serve others as a Stephen Minister!

In Christ,
Tammy Martich