Student & Outreach Pastor (6th-12th Grade)
Job Description Hours: (Full-Time) 

1. Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
2. Be a member in good standing.
3. A desire to teach and mentor Students with patience and an accepting heart.
4. A desire to help the congregation, surrounding community and the unchurched encounter and grow in Christ.
5. Have an educational background in Christian Ministries, Biblical Studies, or a related field.

- Ignite a desire for a genuine relationship with Christ and to equip Students for the spiritual battle they are in.
- Support the overall ministry of Port Orange Christian Church by leading Students and their families to follow Jesus.
- Encourage and equip parents to develop a Biblical worldview in their teenagers.
- Promote Scripture reading, study and memorizing, prayer, and personal Bible reading.
- To teach a Bible based curriculum and encourage a Biblical based life style among Students.

Responsible to the Elders of POCC, working directly under the supervision of the Executive Pastor.  The position will be evaluated annually.

- Responsibility to provide the oversight and leadership of Student Ministries that include: Teen Classes & Bible Studies, Youth Service, Special Events, Camp, etc.
- Adapt and prepare curriculum for Student Ministry.
- Invite, train and empower volunteers to provide leadership within the Student Ministry Department.  Recruit, background check, train, pray for, and involve new ministry volunteers.  Follow up with people that indicate interest in volunteering with the Student Ministry Department.
- Maintain a monthly volunteer schedule that is available/sent to volunteers.
- Create and effectively manage the Student Ministry and Outreach Ministry budgets.
- Maintain the Student Ministries environment, rooms, cabinets, and resources.
- Communicate consistently with parents as well as provide the tools they need for spiritual leadership.  Oversee communication between the church, students, and families.  Provide resources for parents and families as needed.
- Communicate weekly and meet monthly (as needed) with Student Ministry leaders in order to build ownership and equip them to lead other volunteers.
- Create systems and events to thank and appreciate Student Ministry Volunteers.
- Create and/or maintain a Student Ministry “brand” within Port Orange Christian Church, including a name, theme, décor, graphics, website, etc.
- Work alongside Church Staff in communicating the priority of Youth in accordance with the vision of Port Orange Christian Church.
- Participate in weekly staff meetings and other meetings as scheduled.
- With the collaboration of other church leaders, oversee all the local outreach/evangelism ministries of the church.
- Work with other church leaders to make sure the guest experience is welcoming.
- Stay up to date on current best practices in church outreach and evangelism to the youth.
- Participate in general pastoral duties as needed (weddings, funerals, counseling, etc.).
- Be available to preach and teach the Bible when asked.


- Should always exhibit professionalism demonstrated by a well-groomed appearance, conscientious work ethic, be willing and able to work at a fast pace within a variety of settings and circumstances, with composure and flexibility.
- Should be ever conscious of the need for confidentiality.
- Should exercise discernment and wise judgment.
- Should be a person who gives attention to details with an eye for excellence.
- Should be a self-starter, good at multi-tasking and prioritizing projects.
- Endorse and support the local church and her mission.
- Maintain personal spiritual development through Bible reading, prayer, and Christian community.
- Be loyal to the vision and staff of Port Orange Christian Church and always protect the unity of the church.

Youth Minister


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