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Infants and Toddlers

Our nursery is open during every main worship service for infants and toddlers. Our wonderful nursery volunteers have a heart for what they do, and ensure that your little ones have a clean and safe environment to play (or nap) in during the service. If you choose to keep your baby with you during the service, still feel free to sneak out and use one of our changing stations in the nursery at any point if you need to.




We have a great time in our pre-k class learning just how much God loves us, and what we should do about it! This class is designed for kids in pre-k (out of diapers) until they begin kindergarten. We like to hear stories, draw and color, sing and dance, and play a lot! Your child learns best through play at this age, so we try to incorporate some fun into every part of the lesson.



Our elementary large group is for all kids in kindergarten through 5th grade. We want each kid to know Jesus personally. We like to say, “Know Him, Show Him!” Since we combine all kids K-5, we have a broad range of ages in class together. Our big kids get the chance to be leaders and our little kids get to see a wonderful example being set for them - it's truly amazing to watch!

We hold an entire kid-friendly worship service with songs, prayer, Bible lessons, communion, offering, and of course. . .GAMES!

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